Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Four

So I'm almost done with my fourth day, and my enthusiasm is waning. As my wife has been known to say, "I want something deep fried and bad for me!" Might I add, "And I want it NOW!!!"

I'm still committed to seeing this through, I'm just not having the best time today. I knew it would happen, as it happened about this same time when I did it for a week. I haven't eaten very much of the food that's been provided me by the folks at EJ Ranch, not because I don't have an appetite but because I don't have an appetite for this type of food. I want chicken! Or a steak. Hell, even a baked potato sounds fantastic right now.

I can already see some effects of this diet on my body. My system has been uh... cleaning itself out these past two days. My diet shortly before I started this adventure was poor. We usually it well in the Morin household, but after the baby was born, we relied heavily on fast food and quick, microwaveable meals (think burritos, chicken nuggets, etc). Anyway, that is all getting flushed out now. I'm hoping that, after day seven, I'll have developed a better taste for raw foods!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Spinach Wrap

I had an idea today that turned out pretty tasty. I took about a teaspoon of yogurt and spread it on a spinach leaf. To that I added a sprinkle of pink Himalayan sea salt, a tsp of pate, and some crumbled raw blue cheese. I rolled that up and nested it in another spinach leaf and just chomped on it. Very, very good.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Second Day the Second

So, I didn't eat a whole lot today. I had a banana for breakfast and a salad for lunch. Pretty standard stuff. Dinner, however, was really good. I had wild caught yellow-fin tuna from Whole Foods, the same type if salad I had for lunch, and a flax seed cracker with a tomato sauce and veggie-patty.

I do have to say that the cracker and patty really didn't go with the rest of the meal. Don't get me wrong, I like it just fine, just not with sushi! But yeah, I took the baby romaine, drizzled it with the olive oil and Nama...
and then did the same to the fish. In all, pretty tasty!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Back Baby! (Second Day 1)

So, a little over half a year later, and I'm doin' 30 Days of Raw again (for real)! Things got kicked off with dinner (raw of course) at the Everything Jesus Ranch in Seguin, TX. Today was my first full day of raw eating, and the rules are pretty much the same as before: only raw, organic foods, milk, and a gallon of alkaline water a day. I started my day with some yogurt, honey and Nutzola. For lunch I had a couple of salads which were very delicious. You take whatever greens your using (I went with baby romaine), drizzle them in olive oil, add a splash or two of Nama Shoyu (unpastuerized soy sauce), and add garlic and pepper. By far, this is the best way to eat a salad, as far as I'm concerned.

For dinner, I had the following:

At the bottom of the plate is a cracker made from dehydrated corn and some spices topped with butter, a pate, guacamole, and onions. Top left is a salad of corn, cabbage, and onion that's been marinated in whey. Top right is my favorite of the evening: kelp noodles served with whey marinated green beans, corn, broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots. Kelp, if you did not know, is an excellent source of iodide (the stuff they put in most table salts).

Well, that's all for the day. I snacked on some organic oranges and some dessert thing that the folks at EJ Ranch made up for me that, for the life of me, I can't remember what they're made of. In case you were wondering, I'm in it for the full 30 days this time round. I have the cash saved up and everything. So, check back here daily for menu items and updates on how the diet is affecting me!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy :D

So.... the 30 day raw foods adventure may yet continue! Details to come tomorrow or Sunday.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sad :'(

I'm afraid I'm going to have to quit the 30 Days Raw. I know, I know... the deal is, right now, I can't afford the groceries. I'm going to finish out this week (since I have the food), which is fantastic for someone who loves meat as much as I do. Sorry to those of you that were really wondering what would happen. I will try again in the future when I'm a little more well off financially!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Days 2 and 3

I'm combining these two days because I'm lazy and because there isn't much to say this early on in the diet. I can say that my cravings are still harsh; everyone's lunch at work smelled like the most amazing food ever made. In fact, my mouth is watering right now (Pavlov!). I really hope my peanut-butter gets here soon.

I can say that I'm better hydrated than I've been since boot camp, and it makes a notable difference when exercising. We played soccer today for PT, and I noticed that I had more energy and stamina. I'm fairly certain that's due primarily to the water intake.

For breakfast I had today, I had my smoothie. For lunch it was a collard green wrap (pate, yogurt, cheese, and some spices). I snacked on Nutzola throughout the day. Nutzola is sort of like granola, but it has no grain. It's dehydrated seeds/nuts with butter and maple syrup and raisins. Very good snack. I treated myself to some raw salmon for supper, but I went a little overboard with it. It just tasted so good (always get wild caught) I had to have a little more. I didn't get sick, but my stomach wasn't happy about having to work that hard to digest food. For dessert it was Nutzola and milk. My son, Franklin, shared with me.

Tomorrow I'm changing things up a little. I've had enough collard greens for a while, so I made a smoothie with beets, ginger, pineapple, grapes, avocado, aloe, whey, and coconut oil. For lunch I'm taking an avocado half's worth of guacamole and crackers for lunch and probably some honey, yogurt and Nutzola.

Now then, my wife pointed out that I'm probably not getting enough calories. I've tried to see what my basil metabolic rate should be, but I've gotten a wide range of results from online calculators. I don't think there is a problem as I don't feel faint or hungry. I haven't sat down and figured up how many calories I'm getting per day... I'll get around to it. I'm a big proponent of listening to one's body, however. I figure as long as I feel fine, I'm doing fine.

Let's see, what else did I want to hit...? I think I've covered everything. Oh, I know the comment function hasn't been working, but feel free to post on my Facebook. If you're not my friend on Facebook... well that's your problem :P